The phpBB3 forum software allows you to easily change and design and look of your forum using styles. This guide will walk you through the process of installing a style.

Finding a style

The first step is to find a style you like the look of, our sister site currently has over 300 free phpBB3 styles. Browse the database or use the demo to pick a style you want to install. Click the download button next to your selected style to get the required zip file.

Download phpBB3 style

Uploading the style

Once you have downloaded the zip file you'll need to extract it. This can be done using either the default tools in your OS or by using software such as winrar or Winzip. Right click the zip file and select extract files.

A style comprises of 3 folders: imageset, template, theme and a file called style.cfg. Upload the folder that contains these folders and file to the styles directory of your phpBB3 installation (root/styles)

Installing the style

Once you have uploaded the style login to your admin control panel. Select the Styles tab.

phpBB3 admin index

This will list all the phpBB3 styles on your forum - both installed and uninstalled. Your new styles will appear in the second half of the list. Cick the Install link next to your chosen style

phpBB3 styles list

This will take you to the options for that style. Assuming the style was packed correctly the default options should suffice. You may want to change the Make default style if you want to it to replace the current default style.

phpBB install style

You can change these options any at time once the style is installed by clicking the Details link next to the style.

Your style is now installed! Members will be able to use the style from their control panel if you have allowed it in your options. If you chose to make the style the default one it will now be shown to all members.